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In-depth market analysis and efficient risk management.


Investment Advisor

Our investment management services and experienced advisors can help you make real progress on your financial goals.


General Consultancy

The latest professional insights from our team of specialist.


Risk Management

Highly efficient and well structured risk management strategies.



We are asset management firm mixing traditional finance and the cryptocurrency sector. We provide top notch investment management services ranging from Real estate management, Stock and Bonds, Crytocurrency and Blockchain NFTs and Foreign exchange.
We invest in the traditional and Amazpro Investment economy and are committed to advancing the investment portfolio of our esteemed partners. Our diverse businesses and independence give us insight into the entire market and the stability needed to think and act for the best interest of delivering value to you.
We posed to help over 1 million people feel more confident in their financial goals through our innovative investment and technology solutions that grow their investments.

  • Sustainability investing
  • Alternatives
  • Data security & information
  • Experienced Management
  • 24/7 Support Center

Our affiliate program

The Referral Program offers incentives to individuals who contribute to the development of our vibrant community. Any registered project member can participate in our Referral Program and receive a bonus on deposits made through their unique affiliate link. Our referral program operates on a tiered affiliate structure: for each referral who makes a deposit, you will earn a referral bonus equivalent to 6% of their deposited amount. You have the option to share affiliate links and banners on various platforms, such as social media, forums, and other websites, to attract new members to your partnership team. Take advantage of the opportunities provided by our Affiliate Program and increase your income.

NOTE: Our Affiliate Scheme is not MANDATORY but was created for investors and partners to earn more profits as they refer prospective investors.

Our Features

Sustainability investing

We integrate ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) criteria into the majority of our investment processes, for fundamental and quantitative strategies over a range of asset classes. We’re convinced that this approach leads to better-informed investment decisions and is therefore vital in creating value for our clients.


Our alternatives capabilities benefit from what we think is the best of both worlds: the resources and reach of a global investment manager and the agility and entrepreneurial spirit of an alternatives boutique. Our private ownership model, robust infrastructure, and long-term mind-set help us attract and retain talented alternatives investment professionals. We combine their skill with robust risk-management tools to help us deliver solutions to the complex challenges our clients face today.

Data security & information

Protecting Amazpro Investment information from unauthorized access and accidental disclosure is a top priority. Southsand pursues information security with the same commitment to excellence that we apply to understanding our client’s financial needs. This includes utilizing a variety of technical and procedural controls to mitigate existing technology risks and proactively address emerging threats. While no company is immune from cybercrime, we employ fraud detection and mitigation techniques to reduce the risks of such crime.

Experienced Management

We are a group of skilled financial professionals having high level of knowledge and investment experience.

24/7 Support Center

Customer support service is available 24/7 and ready to answer your questions and solve your problems.

Investment Consultancy and Strategy

We give you the right advice and plans that are bound to make your investments yield profit in a short while.


Our Investment Plans

Ruby plan

  • Minimum : $120
  • Maximum : $1500
  • Compounding Profit : 5% Daily
  • Period : (24 hours)

Pink Diamond plan

  • Minimum : $1,650
  • Maximum : $5,500
  • Compounding Profit : 12% Daily
  • Period : (48 hours)

Gold Plan

  • Minimum : $6,000
  • Maximum : $9,000
  • Compounding Profit : 25% Daily
  • Period : (72 hours)

Blue Diamond

  • Minimum : $10,000
  • Maximum : Unlimited
  • Compounding Profit : 33% Daily
  • Period : (5 Days)

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What Our Customers says


Mark Eden

At first, I decided to invest some dollars to test the system as stated on the website. The interesting part was when i saw my profits growing and I was able to withdraw. I picked the Gold Weekly Plan. I am still surprised. This is too real to be true. Thank you Amazpro Investment.


James Will

This is amazing. I found it easy to grow my investments on this site. Their different payment gateways are secured and easy to use. I was surprised to earned from their referral program when I introduced my friend, George. I have upgraded my investment plan to Platinum and it has been fun with lots of profits added to my account.


Mercy Ato

I am so excited. I give gratitude to the entire staff of Amazpro Investment. I have received my $58,800 profit. Let my Capital continue to grow.